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Et voila.

Posted in France by parisianpanda on September 8, 2009
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I am starting a blog about living in Paris even though there are already too many blogs about living in Paris because I think I need to keep a better record of it this time than I did before, because my friends and family might be interested and because the Assistants in France forum suggests it might be good networking. 

I arrived an hour early yesterday at 6 AM and was dropped off at what will be my apartment, at least temporarily. It is 102 years old and the size of a shoebox but I can see this out the left side of my window:

and this out the right side:

I can also see the Arc de Triomphe and the Montparnasse tower from the kitchen (though I, like everyone else in Paris, avoid looking at the Montparnasse tower if possible.)

I drank tea with Catherine, the lady I live with (not good for jetlag) and then had the best nap of my life (also not good for jetlag.) When I got up I helped her moved some stuff to her sister’s place, watched her get in a fight over a parking spot (“Mais tu as un Mercedes, tu peux pas payer trois euros pour garer la voiture quoi?!”) and then hung out with some of her friends who live on a boat by Bastille.




I drank coffee (still not good for jetlag)

They repainted the roof,



and compared tans.


When we got back I had gotten an email from the other Catherine (my ex-host mother) telling me I was invited to dinner in 45 minutes, so I booked it to the 13th as fast as I could. She and FG (my ex host brother) are pretty much exactly the same as I left them, their dog hasn’t gotten any bigger, and there is a nice boy from California living in my old room. I drank (at their insistence) three glasses of wine and some sort of Croation liquor, which contributed to both my jet lag and me wandering around my neighborhood in circles for half an hour before figuring out where I lived again.

Other things:

1) Today I saw a girl who was probably ten or eleven with a t-shirt that said “Do you want my phone number?” This makes me feel like being someone who teaches the cultural implications of English is not only going to be interesting but philanthropic.

2) I have pretty much stopped caring entirely that French people think I’m fat.

3) Melatonin is a controlled substance in France, so it is a good thing I brought some with me, because I should probably be sleeping now.

A bientot!


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  1. Melissa said,

    i’m melissa/strwberryfields from the assistant forum. i just want to say how incredibly jealous i am that you can see la tour eiffel from your window! the sparkling eiffel tower is maybe my favorite thing in the whole world (i know, its super touristy). bon courage avec tous en france!

  2. Kate said,

    oh, I am so glad I read your blog because I was just assuming I could buy melatonin there…I will go stock up right now!

    Kate, assistante in Raimbeaucourt

  3. Sarah said,

    Beautiful photos as always… which reminds me, did you ever make me a cd?? Anyway, please drink a glass of cheap champagne for me tomorrow (I bet you could get a bottle for like 4 euro at Nicolas) in celebration of my anniversaire. I’m tres jalouse of your apartment and I cannot wait to come snuggle with you in um… June?

    P.S. You’re not fat and the French can suck it on that matter… I think I speak for women around the world and their general resentment of French women’s litheness 😛

  4. Dad said,

    Hey, Manda,

    Like the view out your window…maybe you ought to wear glasses though…it’s a little unfocused…

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