Panda in Paris

4 Responses to 'Il y a toujours de bordel partout.'

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  1. Jennie said,

    Hah, I had to laugh at your school’s website. I swear almost every French school’s website is just as crappy! Web design is obviously not very big here…

  2. Joel Bain said,

    That’s hilarious about the website! My lycée’s website is okay, functional, but not much to look at. I got a web designer to do my personal one for cheap and I’m pretty sure it is far more pretty than the school’s! =)

  3. kate said,

    that kitchen floor has made my day. it’s fabulous.

  4. Sarah said,

    I too love the kitchen floor! Anyway, I finally got Mad Men Season I on DVD and am 3/4 of the way through… it’s awesome and I want to get Draper drunk and take advantage of him… Have they given you your hours yet?? Is it a real school??

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