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Pitter pattering

Posted in France by parisianpanda on September 17, 2009
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I have started babysitting a four year old boy who lives in my neighborhood after school. His name is Axel, which is badass in a celebrity baby name sort of way. His family spent all of last year in New York City and he consequently speaks better English than a good portion of the adults I know in France. He says hello to all of the shopkeepers on the street as we pass by and he won’t let me leave to go home without giving him a hug. I don’t really know if I want babies but if I ever have them, between him and Capucine, I definitely want French babies.

Today I found out my friend Eric from Seattle and one of his friends from college are going to come stay here for two months starting in November. This is pretty good news because Eric is my photo buddy and I will hopefully be encouraged to take more pictures when he’s here. Also, I’ve met up with other assistants in the area three times now and have met two from Minnesota, one of whom is from Burnsville which is practically spitting distance from Chaska. So I pretty much went 5,000 miles across the planet to hang out with people from home. I’m pretty okay with that.

Today I realized I left all my favorite jewelry at home because I put it in a separate container to take it to Los Angeles a few months ago and forgot to put it back in my regular jewelry box. Some of it is also worth too much money for me to feel comfortable having it mailed. I am not okay with that.

This week was the Rentree du Cinema, which meant movie tickets were only four euros. I saw Inglorious Basterds and the conclusions I have drawn are: 1) No dairy farmer from northern France in the forties would speak such fluent English. This stuck out to me more than all of the other more glaring historical inaccuracies. 2) The French cannot translate southern jokes (i.e. Stonewall Jackson, moonshine) 3) French people think Brad Pitt speaking broken Italian with a southern accent is delightful. I have never heard the French laugh so hard in a movie without George Clooney in it.

Here is a picture of Sacre Coeur after I had to yell at sketchy bracelet maker guys to stay away from me, and before it started raining.


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  1. Sarah said,

    I too have a jewelry issue! I can’t find a lovely necklace that Popi gave me as a gift! It must be somewhere in my room back home? Anyway, I’m dying to see Inglorious, so now you may have inspired me to go this weekend. Love the picture of Sacre Coeur… did you see any live statues?

  2. Gwan said,

    Just had to say that sketchy bracelet makers are all over Italy too! I hate them! Ha ha, sorry, random comment from someone you don’t even know, but I guess it’s always nice to know people are reading, right? 🙂

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