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Posted in France by parisianpanda on January 7, 2010
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1) New Year’s in France was pretty fun, especially after midnight when everyone wanted to play “let’s-practice-our-drunk-English-with-the-American-girl.”

2) I was supposed to go to a French grad school today to discuss whether or not they will accept my crazy Evergreen transcript but then I slept until 1 pm because it’s my day off, so now I’m going next week. Have I mentioned I have a crippling fear of rejection? Because I have a crippling fear of rejection.

3) I have started actually putting a little bit of effort into my lesson plans, and it actually makes my classes run a lot smoother. Who know? I used one of Jennie’s lessons (fabulous resource if you aren’t already using it) about American cliches of French people. Most people tend to think they’re pretty funny, but one of my students on Tuesday was VERY offended and insisted French people weren’t like that at all and came up with a whole list of American cliches as what he called “revenge,” some of which I’m not sure exist. (American men are not as good as husbands as French men?) Even the other students thought he needed to calm down… “Mais c’est une blague, quoi!”

4) My “I-do-not-watch-French-TV-because-it-is-awful” policy has turned into an “I-watch-French-TV-precisely-because-it-is-awful” policy, which is probably only going to get worse next week when we get cable. I am currently watching an American after school special dubbed over in French about a teenage boy who RUINS his life with a pornography addiction. My favorite thing about French dubbing is they always read signs out loud instead of subtitling them, so every time the boy visits a porn site he says things like “big jugs.” No wonder his well-intentioned stepmother catches him.

5) My birthday is on Monday and I have invited people over. Hopefully our new neighbors don’t hate us.

Bananée! (I assure you this is a hilarious pun in French.)


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  1. Celena said,

    This made me laugh… Also happy early birthday. It was nice talking to you the other week!

  2. Dad said,

    I’m laughing out loud at that hilarious pun…no idea why, but I took your word for it…

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