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you’d think after 22 years I’d be used to the spin

Posted in France by parisianpanda on January 14, 2010
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“but it only feels worse when I stay in one place,
that’s why I’m always pacing around or walking away.”

1) My birthday was on Monday and lots of multinational fun was had.

Yeah friendship!

Some more friendship!

Still more friendship!

My mom called a bakery and had them deliver me a delicious cake even though she can't speak any French! Thanks Mom!

The old picture-of-a-picture trick!

My roomie, Spanish assistant and matador extraordinaire

Florian the German assistant, who is pricelessly photogenic.

He is opening champagne but you can't see it!


Anyway, fun was had and memories were made. None of my friends drunkenly kissed my roommate’s feet as they were leaving, which means my 22nd birthday one-upped my 21st birthday in classiness, but it’s mostly because Levallois is tenfold a classier town than Olympia, Washington.

2) I tried going to the university in Creteil today, which was a bad idea because I woke up too late to wait in line to talk to the secretary without being late for babysitting, after riding the metro for an hour to get there and then spending another half hour being lost. At least I know where it is now. If I grow a spine by Wednesday I will probably go then.

3) There is a burger joint down the street from the lycee called Fleche Burger. “Fleche” means arrow in French but is pronounced like “flesh,” so it is one of the most unappetizing restaurant names I have ever come across. It is a good thing for their business that I am probably the only native English speaker to spend so much time in Colombes.

4) I was talking to an Irish woman in my improv class today about expat life in Paris. She has been here for ten years and said as much as she likes the city and the lifestyle, she hates that everything is “unnecessarily difficult and getting anything done requires a fight and a status battle.” It sort of comforts me to know that this is a tangible problem and not something I’m “not used to.” I think it is one of those things like winter in Minnesota, where if you have not been living there since the day you were born and have it in your blood it is never something you really get “used to.” It did not, however, make me feel like going back to the University at Creteil to inquire about enrolling.

5) Speaking of improv, it takes away 85% of my stress whenever I go and I don’t understand why I didn’t start doing it sooner. I still think I made the right decision deciding not to try and do theater professionally, but spending 2.5 hours a week getting out of my own head and being someone other than me is really essential for my mental health.

6) Speaking of getting out of my own head, I’ve been thinking of taking up paint huffing because my American anti-drug education told me that kills off a number of brain cells. I could use a few less, my brain is in overdrive as it is. But whatever chemicals are in spray paint in America are probably banned in Europe like every other chemical that is harmful to your health. Jerks. Doesn’t Europe care about corporate welfare?


(PS Now that I have both a functional computer and functional internet access, people really need to start Skyping with me, especially if they live in Rock Maple.)


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  1. kate said,

    haha. kat-sur-table. You’re such a wit!

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