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Posted in France by parisianpanda on March 27, 2010
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Living with a sports enthusiast, I have gone to two rugby matches in the past month or so. I became moderately interested in it when I was here as a student because the World Cup was in Paris at the time, and because I caught glimpses of it on TV in bars and it looked like American football with all the boring parts cut out, and because on the night of the nuit blanche the French team beat the strongly favored New Zealand All Blacks and everyone in the street went crazy.

I’ve become moderately more interested because one of the teams that competes in France, Racing Metro 92, is based in Colombes, which is the city where I teach, and their stadium, Stade Yves du Manoir (which hosted the Summer 1924 Olympics and the 1938 World Cup Soccer as Wikipedia just told David!) is right across the street from the high school. Earlier this month we saw a match of the Paris team in the much bigger, much flashier Stade de France (complete with groping security and what we are pretty sure was a drag queen pre-show.) The Paris team lost to Toulouse, supposedly because Toulouse is a significantly stronger team but I don’t think their cotton candy colored uniforms help.

Seriously, this is what they look like.

Today we went and saw Racing play against a team from a town that starts with a B that I haven’t heard of and still haven’t bothered to look up. It was a little weird taking the bus to Colombes on the weekend. One of the other important things about the Racing team is that it’s home to Sebastien Chabal, one of the stars of the French national team. He’s known because he’s very large, even by rugby player standards (and also because he’s good at it or something) but he’s mostly famous because he has impressive facial hair, which is a big deal for me to say because I lived for some time in the pacific northwest.

Don't you want to touch it? I bet it gives you magic powers.

In conclusion, we won but just barely, it was an exciting game, and I got a flag of the team and David managed to get a picture on his cellphone of me accidentally poking myself in the eye with it but that will not be displayed on this blog.

I will leave you with a picture of David and his German friends with the weird pizza that we made before I go off and drink the beer they left in our house.

It had corn and ketchup on it.

Bisous mes petits lapins!